hometown(s): Denton, Tx – Norman, Ok – Tarrytown, NY – 景德镇,江西 - 上海

current location: Kokomo, In

education: BFA University of Oklahoma (printmaking & ceramics | African/African-American Studies & Art History minors) – 东华大学 (留学生)- MFA Indiana University (printmaking)

I am, and always have identified by my otherness, but not in a pejorative, conventionalized typecast manner.  More as an awareness of my disposition constituted of Nigerian/Scot-Irish/Eastern Band Cherokee-Apache, left-handed, frequent expat & traveler, perpetual skate-rat, über-ectomorphic, insomniac, deistic, 成语 recitin’, socialist/populist, vandal-lovin’, chronic pain sufferin’ Okie/Texan that I have had many opportunities to utilize and mature an outside perspective.  This has evolved and transformed me into a pursuer of knowledge, particularly delving into socio-political, subcultural and pluralistic subject matter to broaden my scope.

My practice is based in the development of contemporary and topical depictions subjected to slice-of-life narratives and figures that I exploit in whimsically exaggerated characterization.  The dichotomy of contextual subtlety and blatancy in sources and visual presentation are intentional obscurantism inviting viewers to isolate and integrate semiotic imagery interpretation(s).

eesticecream portrait of the artist